Broken Hearts Make Art

The news of an immigrant and refugee ban was searing.  Frustration, anger, sadness, concern, and heartache flooded my senses all at once.  My writing notebook became a safe haven, and I turned to Twitter and Facebook to find community and healing.  I began reading books and articles that would deepen my awareness of the issues surrounding the legislation. Like many times before, I had turned to literacy for understanding, for consolation. Words finally coalesced into paragraphs, and within a matter of days, an article took shape in my notebook.

Todd Nesloney, co-author of the widely successful book Kids Deserve It, asked me to author an article for his blog several weeks ago.  At the time, I had considered writing about classroom environments, delineating the need for essential questions, expectations, daily agendas, and so on.  That wasn’t what I needed, and it was definitely not what everyone else needed, considering current events.  We Are All Immigrants was the title I gave to the article, and it is a representation of my heart.

In deference to Mr. Nesloney and the Kids Deserve It blog, I will provide the link; I ask that you go to the blog and read the full text there.  I am not a world-renowned author or someone who has gained immense success; however, I deeply care about people.  I believe in the power of books and the benefits of a literate life.  There is great understanding and healing that anyone can glean from reading.  If I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t write about it so passionately.  Weeks ago, I was reminded that I can take my broken heart and make it into art.  That’s all I’ve attempted to do.

Thank you for the support you have given my blog already.  I adore each comment and relish the support from the Facebook and Twitter communities.  To this day, I still believe that “the greatest of these is love.”


The full text of my article, We Are All Immigrants, can be found here.



  1. Todd Nesloney · February 7, 2017

    You, my friend, are a such a gifted writer. I am so thankful there are educators like you that we can learn from daily. I am glad we have people like you who champion for all children and are filled with an immense amount of passion. Thank you for inspiring me to be better, write better, and care more! You are a light!

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